QESBA savings on rent, must go back to the students and schools. Public responsibility and accountability starts here!

Public trough

In “Le Messager”, Marcus Tabachnick, Executive director of QESBA states that he  expects to save between $20-$25,000 per year by moving the QESBA office to Dorval. and  another $216 000 per year on parking alone. Yes, you read that right $216 000 per year on parking fees.  ($18 000 per month

Good! But why did it take decades to figure out this non-brainer?

“Obviously there’s a cost consideration, and like all of our school board members, we’re looking to keep our costs as low as possible and downtown Montreal is expensive,” said Marcus Tabachnick, executive director of the QESBA.”


However that should not be the end of it. If Tabachnick truly believes in his statement “It’s about keeping focus on the kids.”

Then let the QESBA truly “put one’s money where one’s mouth is” and give  the  approx. $250 000 yearly savings back to the students in their schools.

How about underwriting the cost of student leadership camps and hiring a third party to teach our students what real leadership is all about?

But whatever the cause, that saved money should not be used by an organization that has turned educational governance into a lucrative lifelong occupation for some individuals far removed from the front line – mainly, educating our youth in the classrooms of our schools.

It is exactly what Bill 86 promotes by giving control of our educational system back to our schools, its parents, students, teachers, in-school administrators and all support staff.

QESBA, this saving should go back to the school communities. Do the responsible and ethical thing and make a public donation but do not use the money to support those who use the educational governance system as a personal tax funded money trough.

Currently, this type of situation exists in multi layers of educational bureaucracy. Is it any wonder why there is a funding shortage at the school level. It is exactly the reason why Bill 86 must be endorsed and why schools should get their funding directly from the government.

It is interesting to note that most of the organizations who are opposed to Bill 86, are those organizations whose members protect their  personal interests by retaining the status quo.


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