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EMSB commissioners fighting same battles over and over

Board seems determined to do end-run around public-consultation rules
Beverley Boyle, Freelance
Montreal Gazette Dec 8, 2009

What’s up with the English Montreal School Board?
That’s one of the most frequently asked questions in anglo circles these days – arguably one of the biggest frustrations and political challenges facing their shrinking community.
And completely understandable, as Gazette columnist Henry Aubin […]

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Are some school boards trying to financially benefit from the H1N1 flu? Discrepancy of H1N1 claims by some school boards must be investigated by MELS

Unless the Montreal Gazette got it all wrong in their article “School boards look to Quebec to cover H1N1-related costs”  by Brenda Branswell, The Gazette, October 31, 2009, some investigation is called for.
The MELS would be wise to send out its top snoop dog to sniff through the H1N1 related expenditures publicly claimed by some […]

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Rules violations plague EMSB council

Editorial ACDSA
At last night’s EMSB regular board meeting, Parent commissioner Gail Giannakas tabled a motion to rescind a previous motion adopted at the last regular board meeting held in May. With the secretary general present as well as the EMSB in-house legal counsel, the vote to rescind took place and  chairperson Angela Mancini  broke the […]

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Costly EMSB complaints irk parents and teachers; Commissioner infighting at board

Brenda Branswell. The Gazette. Montreal, Que
May 27, 2009
The heads of a parent group and teachers union expressed dismay yesterday at the large number of complaints against commissioners at the English Montreal School Board.
The school board, which has been dogged for years by political division on its Council of Commissioners, says it has spent about $32,000 […]