A Personal Perspective on a LBPSB Executive Committee Meeting

As usual, I was the ”Public” at yesterday’s LBPSB Executive Committee meeting.  Before the meeting,  I submitted,  in writing, the following question :

Questions / comments for  LBPSB Executive Committee meeting on Dec. 10, 2012 @ 5:30 p.m.


“Recently the English Montreal School Board instituted an employees disclosure (whistleblower) protection by-law.

In an effort to make all school boards more transparent and to  counter potential corruption and  to exposecurrent corrupt practices in all public educational establishments, all school boards and schools should adopt a similar policy. The misappropriation and misallocation of school tax dollars, must stop. This is a small step in the right direction. ”  (acdsa.org)

Would the Lester B. Pearson School Board consider a similar ‘ whistleblower ‘ protection by-law ?

This is the link to the  EMSB by-law:


Later, in the meeting, a ‘ Decision ‘ was made regarding Agenda  item 13.2 :  ” Asset Management Database” If I heard right,  the contract was awarded to ‘Ameresco.’

If  ’Ameresco’ sounds familiar it’s because the company was featured at the Canadian School Boards Association  Congress 2012,  in early July.


If the name Ameresco and Marcus Tabachnick  sound familiar, it’s because those names were connected in a Gazette article in June 2011… This is the link:


 My concern is based on my understanding on how things work at the Pearson board Executive Committee meetings.

 ” Recommendation(s)” and “Decision(s)” are made at the LBPSB Executive Committee meetings…..

 A  ’Recommendation’ means that the matter will go to the regular webcast full Council meetings….  Everyone can hear and see the discussion and the vote…..

 From my perspective, A ‘Decision’ made at the Executive meeting, which is not webcast, is a fait accompli….. No one besides the commissioners are aware of the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the decision. In fact, due to the fact I attended the Exec. meeting, I know more about this  ” Decision” than about half of the commissioners….LBPSB commissioners are sworn to secrecy for no less than four (4) years after they leave their elected positions.

 For the sake of complete transparency and accountability, the Pearson board should fully disclose all aspects of this ‘Decision’ at the regular webcast meeting on December 17, 2012….2012.

 Chris Eustace

(retired teacher)

3 comments to A Personal Perspective on a LBPSB Executive Committee Meeting

  • Chris E


    To answer your question : “So what was the response when the LBPSB executive committee was asked about instituting a whistleblower protection by-law ? ”

    The answer was that right after the Executive committee Meeting, the Audit Committee would be meeting and the whistleblower protection by-law would be discussed.

    A week later, Dec. 17, at around the 34 minute mark of the webcast regular Council of Commissioners meeting, the subject again was raised. The answer was that the Audit Committee is looking into the matter…According to chairperson Suanne Stein Day, the Audit Committee has been working on this matter for some time.

    In 2012, I attended all Exec. and regular Council meetings, and I can’t recall any discussion on this matter, or read anything from Lester B. on a whistleblower protection by-law.

    In fact, the LBPSB states on its ‘Commissioner’ web page that Commissioners work on committees such as : ” Youth, Adult and Vocational Education; Human Resources; Audit; Governance and Ethics; Transportation; Facilities; and Communications”.

    Consider : The following committees are listed on a LBPSB “Committee Reports ” web page : Adult and Vocational Education , Central Parents Committee, Central Students , Education, Executive, Facilities and Security , Intercultural Advisory, Pearson Educational Foundation, Pupil Place Needs, School Tax Management, Special Needs Advisory and Transportation Advisory.

    There are no AUDIT COMMITTEE reports.

    Chris Eustace

  • Norm

    According to article 181 of the Educational Act, the council of commissioners decides of the powers and functions of the executive committee. Did the council of commissioners agree to this?

  • Alex

    So what was the response when the LBPSB executive committee was asked about instituting a whistleblower protection by-law?

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