Long lines awaited voters Sunday as the first school board elections are taking place for the first time in seven years Sunday.

There were reports of voters waiting as long as two hours to cast their ballots, as well as accusations of voter list irregularities.

At Dorval elementary school on Carson Ave., voters reported that there was only one voting table, and that resulted in lineups out the door, and waits of 1.5 to two hours.

“I think it’s totally disorganized, and it’s unfair. We’ve had at least, since I’ve been here, at least over 20 people leave because they can’t wait two hours to vote,” said voter Ina Lynn Gray.

“It’s very a significant vote and I would never leave, but I’m not happy at all having to wait this long,” said voter Sandra Lowson.

In Verdun, 45-minute waits were also reported.