Legal Face-Off between “Parents for a Democratic EMSB” vs “English Montreal School Board” commences today.

Parents for democratic EMSB

The first hearing in the case of the “Parents for a Democratic EMSB” vs the English Montreal School Board   is scheduled  for 9 am in room 2.13. ACDSA will bring update reports during the court proceedings.

In addition, we will be adding a link to the  “Parents for a Democratic EMSB” on this site.

The 181 page motion against the EMSB states, in it’s introduction , the following:

“The plaintiffs seek a declaratory judgment in nullity with regards to a Council resolution of February 24, 2016 to drastically change the parent governance structure (see Exhibit P-1);”

“Until such time as a declaratory judgment is rendered, the plaintiffs request provisional, interlocutory and permanent injunctive orders of this court to restore and maintain the former parent governance structure in existence prior to the Council resolution of February 24, 2016;”

“The plaintiffs request that any decision(s) adopted by the Central Parents’ Committee (CPC) since the date of the resolution at bar be set aside;”

“Plaintiffs contend the Council adopted the resolution to influence or destabilize the parent’s committees for political ends. Plaintiffs argue the Council resolution is illegal, unprecedented, unreasonable, lacks transparency, was adopted without proper consultation, and should be set aside;”

ACDSA editorial note:

The longer the government waits to pass Bill 86, the more of these type of situations could  arise.
At the Bill 86 hearings, the audience was informed that intimidation against parent groups occur on a fairly regular basis. This is another example of this type of intimidation. Parents deserve to be treated better than this and deserve to have greater say in the governance of their schools.

The governance model should be from the grass roots up and not from the top down through school board partisan  directives.

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  1. You said you would bring update reports during the court proceedings but the judgment came three days ago and yet nothing from you guys….. Funny…. Is it possible Andrew “ Mr. I wanna be chairman so bad I’d sell my mother” Ross got schooled by a judge who saw through his disingenuity??

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