The ACDSA website owes its name to the Citizens for Democratic School Association. This was an advocate association formed by parents from across the province of Quebec who were concerned with the undemocratic school closures by various school boards. The most extensive and legally documented case being the illegal closure of St Patrick Elementary School by the English Montreal School Board.

Although the ACDSA association was disbanded in 2005, the ACDSA website has continued to exist with its main vision being greater autonomy for Quebec schools and  the eventual abolishment of Quebec school boards.

A view now shared by the majority of Quebecers, The Fédération québécoise des directions d’établissement d’enseignement (FQDE),  l’Action démocratique du Québec (ADQ), La Coalition pour l’avenir du Québec (CQ), in part by the current governing  Parti Liberal de Québec (PLQ) and the Parti Québecois (PQ).

Web traffic studies of www.acdsa.org indicate that it is frequented on a regular daily basis by Le Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS), Le Gouvernment Québec, School boards throughout Québec and the rest of Canada, Canadian media outlets and by visitors worldwide.

www.acdsa.org content is based on literary contributions from various sources and does not necessarily express the views of the following co-founders, publishers and/or webmasters operating the site.



BevBeverley Boyle
(MA Educational Technology) Independent IT consultant.

A self-described education activist, Beverley founded ACDSA with Luke Horne in 2001, a website dedicated to making school boards accountable.

She is parent of two grown-up daughters who went through the public & private school systems during a time of great educational turmoil at the English Montreal School Board (EMSB).

Bev is best known for spearheading the battle against the English Montreal School Board over illegal school closures, which resulted in numerous legal victories for the rights of parents and students.

Her legal challenges against the EMSB with regards to the St-Patrick’s saga has ensured greater accountability of school boards.






LukeLuc Horne
Retired teacher

Luc is the father of 4 adult sons who attended and graduated from Québec public high schools. He is a teacher with 35 years of public and private school experience. He was employed for thirty three years by the Lakeshore school board (LSB) which in 1998 was amalgamated into the Lester Pearson School Board (LBPSB)

Having served throughout his career on various School Councils, Governing Boards and Syndical units, Luc has a vast knowledge of the inside operation of school boards and schools.

With the inception of Linguistic school boards in 1998, he saw, first hand, the negative effect of micro-management by the LBPSB. Simple decisions which could be made at the school level became bogged down by bureaucratic processes. While classrooms, teachers and students were desperate for materials, while schools were in dire need of renovations and maintenance, Luc witnessed school board officials travelling the globe attending superfluous conventions sometimes even in resort settings.

His perseverance and tenacity is driven by his strong belief that students and parents deserve much better returns from the school tax dollars they contribute. He is a strong believer that teachers, school directors, parents and local municipal officials, through a governing board type mechanism, are best suited to operate schools and meet the needs of students at the local level. In other words, autonomous schools.




4 Comments on "About ACDSA"

  1. Question ..do you have membership with parents at Riverside S-B and New Frontiers ….

  2. I totally agree with you Mr. Chris Marcus. As for Mr.Julien Feldman, I new him last year. He is a great person, honest and supportive to parents. Not only supportive, he fights with parents for their children’s rights.
    I would like to use this space also to express my gratitude to Beverley for her tremendous support to all parents, especially the ethnic minorities that in many cases the EMSB stepped on their rights and made their children’s school life hell.

  3. I am a regular watcher of the EMSB and cannot wait until the next school board elections in November. I pray to see new members of the club. Grandpas and grandmas like Dominic Spiridigliozzi, Frank DiCesare, Frank Verrillo, Syd Wise, Marvin Helfenbaum, Ted Donnini, Bernie Praw, Ellie Israel, Anne Williams, Joe Lalla, Rocco Barbieri and Rosa Cerelli should all be gone. Spiridigliozzi should have had the class to resign after being charged and then pleading guilty to unethical activity by Quebec’s financial watchdog. He is expiry date came and went a long time ago. His friend Ellie Israel is busy suing her own board after being reprimanded by the EMSB ethics commissioner. Luckily she is running against stalwart Liz Leaman next November and should lose. It is time for many of these men and women to step aside for people like Leaman, Julien Feldman and Albert Perez, who show real leadership. They are also parents of present-day students so you can see their passion. The EMSB did well in Quebec City on the Charter, yet you probably will not hear about it at the next board meeting where matters of education are seldom heard. Watch it online. It is a huge embarrassment to all parents. Watch as Spiridigliozzi and DiCesare slip out early and Israel tries to come up with two grammatically correct sentences. If the PQ wins a majority they should put this council under trusteeship immediately.

  4. would appreciate it if Beverly contacted me on the above-mentioned email. Thank you

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