Les programmes internationaux et offres de services: quels sont les rôles et les responsabilités des commissions scolaires?

Avant toute la saga entourant les manquements au code d’éthique à la Commission scolaire Lester B. Pearson, les citoyens en savaient très peu sur la gestion des programmes internationaux.
Oui, les responsables se targuaient de faire d’énormes profits grâce à ces programmes, sans toutefois produire de rapports détaillés. Oui, les responsables voyageaient et négociaient de belles […]

EMSB chairman defends 20-per-cent commission to private recruiter

The chairman of the English Montreal School Board defended on Wednesday a 20-per-cent commission paid to a private recruiter to attract students from China to study here in EMSB vocational education programs, saying it’s a “venture that is valuable to the community.”
“I think the payback for the English Montreal School Board has […]

Lester B. Pearson School Board cuts ties with private recruiter

The Lester B. Pearson School Board has severed its ties with a private recruiter involved in its controversial international student program, board chairman Suanne Stein Day announced at a public meeting Monday night.
“We had already issued a public statement to the media that we had uncovered irregularities in our international department and […]

New details emerge about Korean students’ Montreal nightmare

By Robert Frank The Suburban
Last week, The Suburban reported that several Korean students fled home after they were misled by English Montreal School Board’s (EMSB) Korean marketing and recruitment agent, Shim Youn Bo.
EMSB marketing and communication specialist Michael Cohen said that EMSB had severed its ties with Shim, after The Suburban told EMSB that the students […]

LBPSB demanded web site delete Chinese students’ complaints

By Robert Frank The Suburban
After teenage Chinese students studying at Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB) began to post their grievances in Chinese on montrealchina.com, LBPSB attorneys demanded that the web site remove all their comments.
A letter to Qiang Zhang, April 15, 2015, called the Chinese students’ statements “defamatory” and claimed that they were “false, injure […]

EMSB downplays Chinese student’s complaint

By Robert Frank The Suburban

English Montreal School Board (EMSB) said that it has redressed problems voiced last year by Xianqi Chung, a Chinese student who came to study auto mechanics at EMSB, that the case was a one-off and has not recurred.
“I paid for the full-time course but they only gave it part time, Saturday and […]

Shameless behaviour from LBPSB executive and QESBA

The Lester B. Pearson School Board has a shameless Chairman who is supported by a group of spineless commissioners. They have an obsession for secrecy, underpinned by questionable financial dealings. Recently, the board announced that one of its commissioners, on three separate occasions, had been found guilty, ‘in law and in fact’ of breaching their […]

Commissions scolaires anglophones: qu’est-il arrivé au future centre de formation professionnelle de Laval?

Source: Michèle Poupore
En septembre 2014, les lecteurs du journal  La Gazette apprenaient qu’un centre international de formation professionnelle  spécialisé en soins de la santé serait implanté à Laval. Deux commissions scolaires anglophones, Sir Wilfrid Laurier et Lester B.Pearson, annonçaient fièrement un nouveau partenariat avec Edu Edge, du secteur privé. Le partenariat d’une durée de 10 ans visait […]

International Travel Course: “On the tax payer’s dime”, offered by experienced Administrators and Council members at a School Board Near You.

Should Sebastien Proulx, issue a moratorium on international travel for commissioners and school board officials at the EMSB, LBPSB and other Anglo school boards?
Quebec’s Education Minister recently appointed Mme Michelle Lapointe, an auditor, to look into the management and ethical practices at the EMSB and LBPSB. Furthermore, the minister also confirmed that Quebec’s anti-corruption unit […]

Les programmes internationaux dans les commissions scolaires anglophones québécoises: une gestion occulte???

michele poupore
L’idée d’implanter des programmes internationaux dans une commission scolaire qui peine à recruter des élèves québécois n’est pas mal en soi. Toutefois, certains choix reliés à la gestion de ces programmes  laisse perplexe.
D’abord, on sait que dans le secteur de la formation professionnelle des commissions scolaires,la commission scolaire a toute la latitude pour sélectionner […]